Regret something you said at that press conference or in that interview? Would not have happened if  you had called PSYCHFACTOR first!

We will help you to create the impression you want to create so you do not end up kicking yourself for that comment that is now all over the media!

Image is everything in today's world. Your image and self presentation plays an important role in every aspect of your success. If you are not getting all you should be getting from your efforts in business, your career, and other areas of your life, try improving your image. Are you sending the right message and creating the right impression?

Let PSYCHFACTOR CONSULTING SERVICES  help you achieve more than you are achieving now through proper impression management techniques.


Use your physical self to reflect the best aspects of your inner self. PSYCHFACTOR will help you in the areas of:

Brand Image Building

Speech Writing

Social Anxiety Management

Physical Self Presentation

Interpersonal Interaction

Conflict Management

Speech and Voice Training

Organization / Business Rebranding



Emphasize your assets and downplay your weaker points!

Packaging is everything and the truth is we judge a book by its cover! The way you package your product and service is the most important factor that will determine its success. The competitive business environment will not become less so anytime soon. Marketing and paying keen attention to the desires of consumers is needed to ensure success.

Psychfactor's PUBLIC RELATIONS AND  IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT facility is an invaluable tool for persons who desire to make the most of their career , business  and life in general.

This is especially useful for:




Marketing and Sales Professionals



any public figure

and everyone who desires an image upgrade!

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