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 This is the first book to examine the psyche of the Jamaican man from the aspect of Masculine Gender Role Stress. Before this work, the concept of Masculine Gender Role Stress has never before been employed to analyse the behaviour and thinking of the Jamaican man. The author conducted detailed research which showed that many Jamaican men were undergoing high rates of Masculine Gender Role Stress. The uniqueness of this book concerns the fact that finally an explanation has been put forward to account for behaviours that are often talked about, but never studied from a perspective that yielded valuable explanations.






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Men and Relationships-A Practical Guide for the Modern Woman

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This book is for every woman. It explores serious issues about men and relationships in a light-hearted and simple way. The author, a clinical psychologist,  presents facts about relationships in a manner which is easy to understand and easy to apply to making any relationship better.  Simple language is used instead of psychological jargon; however,  material included in this book is not pulled out of a hat. Every point is the result of research and other evidence that the author, has garnered over time, from  her training and experience in Clinical Psychology.