Every aspect of life that involves human beings, involves the mind! PSYCHFACTOR'S mission is to help you improve any aspect of your life by applying the principles of Psychology to the task of transforming you, your relationship, and your business.

 Dr. Kazie-Ann Kasimbie is a Psychologist, Certified Hypnotist, and Humanistic Science Life Coach.  She applies the latest knowledge and skills  to assist  her clients in working through the toughest psychosocial challenges in life and helps them realize  success and happiness. She has done extensive research, conducted trainings, and has been assisting clients as a therapist for  more than 15 years.

Psychfactor Consulting Services covers every aspect of life and is applicable to all areas. For example:

Conflict at work has been found to quickly erode the profits and growth potential of many organizations. Let Psychfactor Consulting Services help you to deal with the devastating effect of conflict between employees, or between employees and management. Do not let the wrong type of conflict destroy your organization!

Use our marketing approach and impressive market research capabilities to help your marketing plans be more successful.

Our revolutionary research  on interpersonal relationships will finally turn your love life around.

Let's face it, politics is all about impression management. Get the best out of your political campaigns and get excellent results from even your weakest candidates.

Handle public relations crises better and turn them into winning strategies. Everyone can add to their success by managing their impressions better. Apply psychological principles to how you dress and present yourself to create just the right impression to achieve your goals. 

Access Psychological Services from anywhere in the world! 

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