PSYCHFACTOR CONSULTING SERVICES is dedicated to the wellness of the human spirit. The mission of PSYCHFACTOR is to improve the well-being and quality of life of the individual and the effectiveness of organizations;  through the application of psychology and metaphysical humanistic science. Psychfactor sees this new approach as the most effective route to getting results and finding the answers you seek for yourself or for your organization.

Psychfactor's Approach is therefore 'you -nique'

We apply a broad range of methods to a broad range of services to improve quality of life and to introduce solutions to the lives of those we serve.

Founder and Director, Dr. Kazie Ann Kasimbie continues to ensure that Psychfactor serves to empower clients to better handle the challenges in their lives through the development of their own effectiveness and will power. All you need to succeed is already within you!  Let Psychfactor help you to find it.

Psychfactor Consulting Services

Psychotherapy (Adult/Child)

Employee Assistant Programme Consulting

Organizational Development Consulting

Marketing Consulting

Research Consulting

Life Coaching

Image Management

Meditation Training

Relaxation Training

Personal Spiritual Development Coaching

Access Psychological Services from anywhere in the world! 


Psychfactor - Finding the Solution !